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    UKA Consulting and Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is an Independent firm of Design Consultants and Technical Specialists.

    The company was started by Mr. Unnikrishnan in the year 2005 with the purpose of delivering quality consultancy services to clients in the field of fire protection systems. The company has now grown to offer services in Electrical, H.V.A.C. and Public Health Engineering, Maintenance Management as well.

    • To be an Internationally Reputed Technical Service Provider to Clients.

    • Provide International Quality of Technical Services Consistent with applicable Standards and Client’s Expectations.

    • Understanding the Client and Project Needs and delivering results consistent to the same.
    • Adherence to codes and Standards in Design.
    • Fostering Customer Satisfaction through timely and quality deliverance.
    • Provide a fulfilling atmosphere for employees to perform.
    • Enhance value to the Society.


     Consultancy Services.
     Education and Training.
     Fire and Utility Service Audits.
     Maintenance Management.

    Consultancy Services provided for

    • Fire Protection Systems
    Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.
    Fire Suppression Systems.
    Flow Calculations through hydraulic Software.

    • Automated Security Systems
    CCTV System
    Access Control System

    • Public Address Systems

    • HVAC Systems
    Air Conditioning System (Cooling / Heating / Humidity Control)
    Ventilation System (Natural / Powered / Combination).
    Staircase Pressurization.
    Basement Ventilation Systems.
    Clean Rooms.
    Operation Theatres.

    • Electrical Systems for

    Infrastructure Electrical Requirements
       Captive Power Generation.
       Street Lighting.
    HT / LT Cabling
    HT / LT Power Distribution
    Functional & Mood Lighting and Control
    Public Address / Audio Visual System
    Security & Access System
    Building Management System
    Fire Alarm System
    Tele-Communication & Net Work System
    Telecommunication and Networking Systems.
    Building Management Systems.

    • Public Health Engineering System
    General Internal & External Plumbing
    Infrastructure / Public Utilities
    STP / UG Tank / OH Tank System
    Swimming Pools & Water supply for Landscaping

    • Green Building Technologies.
    Rain Water Harvesting
    Solar Water Heating Systems

    Education and Training

    • Technical Training on use of Flow Calculation Software.
    • Educating the General Public, schools and Voluntary Organizations on Safety. Our Organization considers safety is as much a Service to the Community as a Profession and all employees are encouraged to provide Education on Safety and integration of the Fire Services and Utility Services in the architectural and area Development Plan.

    Fire, Safety and Utility Service Audits
    • Audits reviewing the current state of system with respect to the Original Installation and the Statutory Certificates (No-Objection-Certificates) received for the Project.

    • Reviewal of the System Status with respect to the Current Changes in Statutes and standards and suggesting modifications as required.

    Maintenance Management
       Our Services on Maintenance Management includes the following:
        • Enabling client to develop Maintenance Plans.
        • Execute the Maintenance Plans.
        • Replace products on their lifetime completion for optimum performance.
        • Track Maintenance Vendor Performance.
        • Optimize spare storage by developing “Just-In-Time” Logic
      • Review the Current Operation and Maintenance Manuals and As-Built Drawings and        update the same
        • Integrate the Services provided by multiple vendors on a project.
        • Suggesting to client on loading of updated System Softwares.


    • Industrial & Pharmaceutical
    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Hospitality
    • Healthcare
    • Entertainment
    • infrastructure
    • SEZ & NON-SEZ Areas

    • Comprehensive Building Services Design Engineering Team.
    • Use of Effective Innovations for designing.
    • Updated Design Standards to improve and add value to our designs.
    • Energy Optimized Design Solutions through vast experience of our Associates.

    Our Associates have years of experiences in their respective fields, and are experts in the building industry to provide services in the following sectors: